WSOP Poker Talk: Eight WSOP Rules You Didn’t Know

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WSOP Poker Talk: Eight WSOP Rules You Didn’t Know

Talk: Eight Rules You Didn’t Know, WSOP Team Roundup Report, players are preparing for the 2022 World Series of Poker, including planning their summer WSOP schedule, updating strategy, or preparing for their Las Vegas Get ready for a trip to Gasth.

While most poker players know the rules of poker by now, here are some WSOP rules you may not have even heard of.


Bad weather could halt

Everyone will remember the madness of 2019, when a magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the Rio on Day 1c of the .

However, the rules of the WSOP make provision for more severe weather that could affect their tournaments! According to the official tournament rules, if the tournament cannot be played because of an earthquake, more people will participate.

In accordance with the Official Competition Rules, the competition may be cancelled, terminated, modified or suspended if the competition cannot be played due to weather or other reasons such as computer virus, unauthorized intervention, technical failure or fraud.


There are five different sanctions that the WSOP can impose on players.

Most people know that if you break the rules at the WSOP , you can get kicked out of the game, or even the casino itself.

But the WSOP ‘s rules actually set out five specific sanctions that can be imposed on players who compromise the “competitive integrity” of the WSOP .

1. Confiscation of the scoreboard

2. Confiscation of bonuses

3. Expulsion from an event or the entire WSOP tournament

4. Loss of privilege to participate in future WSOP events

5. Places that are prohibited from entering the casino


Note that “excessive chattering” is also a punishable crime

WSOP Poker Talk: Eight WSOP Rules You Didn't Know

William Kassouf, attracted the referee to supervise the whole process.

WSOP Poker Talk: Eight WSOP Rules You Didn't Know


Cryptocurrency and cannabis company logos banned from TV tables

It’s every poker player’s dream to be at a live table, or at a TV table broadcast to millions of poker fans around the world.

Many players wear signs at thematic tables to advertise poker rooms, training tools or other companies. However, there are rules that state that the WSOP reserves the right to ban any clothing that is “considered obnoxious.”

This includes any apparel with images or logos related to cryptocurrencies and cannabis products, as outlined in the WSOP rules.


Betting in NLH Poker

Pot Limit Omaha enthusiasts already know that betting the pot means you intend to bet the number of scoreboards that are already in the middle.

However, players who bet “pots” in NLH (like no-limit poker) mean they will have to place a minimum wager.


20 stacks of scoreboards

Want to make it easier for reporters in the field to see how much you have on your scoreboard? Want to avoid every hand being asked by the player “How much did you play? Stacking in units of 20 is the easiest way to let everyone – including yourself – see how many scoreboards you have.

However, according to the rules of the WSOP , this is not mandatory, only “recommended as a standard”.


What happens if you find a “ghost” card in your hand?

This is probably unlikely to happen at the 2022 WSOP , as there are no games involving “ghosts” on the WSOP schedule.

However, if you do take action on a hand with “ghost” cards as hole cards, your hand will be declared void. If you find one, tell the dealer.


when talking at the poker table is allowed

Finally, the poker table talk. A weird quirk of the WSOP rules actually means players can tell each other what they have. No sequelae!

However, there are some details. These two matches need to be the last two matches of the heads-up tournament. According to the rules, players “are free to talk about what’s in their hands”.


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