WSOP European Main Event champion Annette Obrestad’s revolution won without looking at the cards

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WSOP European Main Event champion Annette Obrestad's revolution won without looking at the cards

European Main Event Champion Obrestad's Revolution Wins Without Seeing The Cards We all know that online 's boom is largely due to 's exploration, but its explosion is also due to some of the stories that have become social legends. Without a doubt, one of the stories that has had the greatest impact on the collective imagination of players is 's win without looking at a 180-player online tournament.

WSOP European Main Event champion Annette Obrestad's revolution won without looking at the cards

You, yes, I say to those of you who might find it cool to play a hand in the dark: there was one guy who did it long before you, and for the duration of the tournament.

When Annette Obrestad won “Blind Play”.

It was the summer of 2007, and Annette was an 18-year-old girl who was already pretty strong at Texas Hold'em. At the end of a Sunday match, she was a little nervous when she decided to play a 180-man multi-table duel, the kind that was popular online at the time. A $4.4 tournament, but in particular how Annette decided to handle it: She put a note on her seat on the table so she couldn't see her hole cards.

“It was weird at first, there wasn't any reference to anything other than information on betting patterns and how your opponent was playing up to that point. Then, the more time went on, the more I realized that you really don't need to know your hand all the time. .” What you just read came from Annette's own account, a few years later, in a live interview during the World Series. “It's weird that people still know me for this story and not for winning at the WSOP.”


WSOPE champ a few months later, a record

Let's not forget that, a few months after this online feat, Annette will become the youngest ever bracelet winner at the . The day before her 19th birthday, Obrestad won the WSOP Europe Main Event in London. The £1m she won at that event remains the largest single prize ever won by a woman in a live poker tournament.


The scale of Annette Obrestad's career

However, as Annette herself recalls, it was what she was doing in front of the computer a few months ago that made her a WSOP legend. For the first time, we actually demonstrated that in Texas Hold'em, you don't win so much, not just by playing cards, but by playing against your opponent. And in the end, it's this very much that determines the strategic component of poker that makes it so famous and popular, along with the unavoidable part that has to do with luck in individual duels.

WSOP European Main Event champion Annette Obrestad's revolution won without looking at the cards

Annette's video

Annette's famous video replay hasn't been on YouTube or elsewhere for years, but I and thousands of other fans have seen it. Obviously, going to extremes like covering one's own cards has some negative consequences. I remember, say, a fold UTG made with KK, and other things like that.

Annette herself could not have imagined that this seemingly foolish experiment would attract media coverage. But that's how it happens, even today, whether it's in a casino or at your local club, some kids might refer to an urban legend of a girl who won a game without looking at the cards. You can point it out for sure: that girl really exists, and her name is Annette Obrestad.


What happened to Annette?

For many years, poker was not Annette Obrestad's main career. Since 2015, her focus has shifted to nutrition and fitness, and since 2018, her main job has been to run a channel dedicated to makeup on Youtube called “Annette's Makeup Corner”, which now has more than 46,000 subscribers.


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