WSOP bracelet winner Dan Cates talks about his new poker podcast and his journey to gold

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WSOP bracelet winner Dan Cates talks about his new poker podcast and his journey to gold

Bracelet Winner Latest Topics, WSOP Event Team Overall Report, Dan Cates is one of the most successful Texas Hold'em players in the world, but the pro has recently been actively looking to expand into new areas for himself.

So Dan Cates recently launched his own podcast: Winning the Game of Life.


More than just a podcast

Listeners can expect Dan Cates' podcast to feature many of the biggest names in Texas Hold'em, including, of course, 16-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil , who appeared on the first episode of the podcast.

Cates: ” He (Hellmuth) is a good fit, exactly what I want to do, he's been successful in poker in a pretty extreme way, but he's also been successful outside of poker in a pretty extreme way. And he has A lot of soft skills, I don't think people really realize that those skills are good for business, you know, being an asset in a lot of social contexts, I think that's a good statement.

WSOP bracelet winner Dan Cates talks about his new poker podcast and his journey to gold

If it sounds like Cates intends to take podcasting beyond poker, it's because that's exactly what he intends.

“What inspired me to do this (podcast) is, you know, for a long time, I've been looking for ways to expand my career beyond poker,” he said. “It's kind of common sense, or intuition, and it makes sense to do it in a way that doesn't completely forget about poker, because that's my skill and asset, and just branch it off to something else or have Ability to go into many different fields of stuff.

Cates went on to say that he ” would rather deviate a little from poker ” on the podcast.

Frankly, I eventually want to do something other than poker,” he said. “I mean, ideally like real mainstream celebrities and stuff like that would be cool to get. Or people who are legitimately famous, or people who are really good in their particular field, maybe with Poker is loosely connected. But I have to see something more that resonates with audiences because I just started interviewing random celebrities you know, which is a ridiculous step.

Still, poker will inevitably be a big part of podcasting. The Cates recently featured poker anchor Jeff Gross as a guest and will feature German pro on future shows.

WSOP bracelet winner Dan Cates talks about his new poker podcast and his journey to gold

German pro Fedor Holz to guest on Cates' podcast

Cates also said he hoped to invite ” some more business people ” such as Rob Yong or Bill Perkins.

If he (Perkins) doesn't hate me, ” Cates added, apparently referring to the online poker scam in May 2020, when Perkins and Dan Bilzerian accused Cates of using someone else's account to play.


Get out of your comfort zone

What inspired Dan Cates to launch a podcast? First, he wants to get out of his ” comfort zone “.

I'm looking forward to it (as host), mostly, ” Cates said. ” I've always been at odds with my introversion, if you know what I mean, because I've been very introverted a lot in my life, and I've always had to fight it and basically do these things. But as a Hosting is one of the better things I want to do.

While hosting the podcast, Cates said he plans to fight his introversion by throwing parties around the country.

I had the idea of maybe having parties in multiple cities, ” he said. ” It's another small step, but I've done it a little bit. And this will hopefully help me do that in a way. I have an idea of what kind of party I'd like to have, but yeah, I Mainly looking for it.


You might be wondering what kind of party?

I think I'm going in the elegant direction for a couple of reasons, ” said Cates, who once owned a house in London that ” turned into a club ” and didn't want to go that route again.

I finally decided that it's definitely not a good idea to have that many people, at least for now, ” he said. ” If I'm trying to build something like a really well-known name, it might make sense, but I decided basically I wanted to have more intimate things and more personal things, with more professionalism.


Win the in 2022

While Dan Cates may be interested in business other than poker, the high-stakes pro still plans to travel to this summer for the 2022 .

WSOP bracelet winner Dan Cates talks about his new poker podcast and his journey to gold

At the last World , Dan Cates won Event No. 60: The 50,000 Poker Players Championship for $954,020, his first bracelet, and his name is engraved on the Memorial Trophy , alongside the likes of Scotty Nguyen, Brian Rast and Michael Mizrachi.


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