Wheelchair Poker Fighter David Hendrix Players Promote WSOP Fundraiser

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Wheelchair Poker Fighter David Hendrix Players Promote WSOP Fundraiser

Wheelchair fighter As the poker players promote the fundraiser, the warmly reports that April is coming to an end and the start date of the 2022 is approaching. American Mississippi poker player David Hendrix is excited because if all goes well, he will have the opportunity to participate in the poker event. Given his own particularity, this is likely to be the only chance in his life.

Earlier, the fundraiser in support of David Hendrix was a crowdfunding campaign launched by the grandmother and his crowdguards. The aim is to raise $20,000 for him to pay for the biggest poker event in the world while his health allows.

David Hendrix has spinal muscular atrophy type 1 (), a rare neuromuscular disease and the most severe of the four SMAs. However, David Hendrix miraculously lived to the age of 31, and he is currently the oldest person with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy in the United States.


Poker makes me feel like I'm on an equal footing

When talking about David Hendrix, his friends called him a “badass” and a “hardened warrior”. That's because he's been on the brink of death many times in recent years, but he has survived.

I'm definitely a fighter in a wheelchair, ” said David Hendrix. And when you hear his story, it's basically a poker fighter.

Wheelchair Poker Fighter David Hendrix Players Promote WSOP Fundraiser

David Hendrix was born on November 12, 1990 in Amory, Mississippi, where he still lives but spent the first 18 years of his life at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

I was adopted by my grandmother Mary Elizabeth and her husband when I was about six months old. I had frequent pneumonia growing up, so I spent most of my childhood in the hospital. ” David Hendrix explained.

One day when he was 14, he came to a department store called Books-A-Million and picked up volumes 1 and 2 of 's Super System. From that moment, a door to a new world was opened in front of him. Unable to play sports like football and basketball, he sees poker as a viable option that would put him on an equal playing field with everyone else.

David Hendrix said: ” I'll never forget that day because it was on that day that I found out that I can not only do one thing, but if I just work hard, I can do it just as well as you and everyone else. Whenever I sit At that table, the wheelchair and the handicap didn't even exist. I felt like this was where I should be, and it felt like home, really.


The greatest wish in life is to participate in a WSOP

In the description of the fundraiser, David Hendrix found something that fulfilled his self-worth – poker. Since then, participating in a WSOP has become a thing on his mind. But because of his advanced illness, it never materialized due to his own health problems.

Wheelchair Poker Fighter David Hendrix Players Promote WSOP Fundraiser

In his words: ” My aspirations changed after I was 14 and started learning how to play poker, and I was thinking of going to once in my life to experience what many of my friends go through every year. I don't know how long my body will be able to weigh, because to be honest, my doctor told me that most people with this disease don't live to be two years old, and it's a miracle that I've survived until now.

Today's David Hendrix has a hard time doing simple things. Due to muscle degeneration, he has to lean on his right elbow every time he sits up, which causes him to play long games. , the elbows will bleed.

On the other hand, it also reflects David Hendrix's love of poker, you can only bleed for it if you love the game! David Hendrix has never complained to anyone about this, but anyone can imagine how much he paid to compete at such a high level. What a wheelchair poker fighter.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised over $5,300 against its stated goal of $20,000. Hendrix writes: Sometimes life hits you harder than anything, ” but it's not about how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can hit and move on! ” If I go to Las Vegas for those who choose to follow my journey, it will be in early June 2022 “.


Many players responded

Despite his poor health, David Hendrix has been able to travel to a few other events in the South with the support of others, but has never been to Las Vegas and the WSOP. Seen here is his pose in the photo after winning the opening race of the 2021 Pearl River Summer Series. Since the crowdfunding project was launched,

Gulf Coast Poker Tour founder “Wild Bill” Phillips was one of the first poker celebrities to retweet the project to social media.

Wheelchair Poker Fighter David Hendrix Players Promote WSOP Fundraiser

Please share to increase visibility. David Hendrix is one of the most inspiring people I know and certainly a hero to Southern poker players. Please help him realize his dream this year.

-Wild Bill Phillips

Several notable pros were quick to join in to help David Hendrix make his WSOP journey, including McEwen, Daniel Lowery, and more. Some players are also promising some of the rewards from upcoming events and tours to support David Hendrix's wishes. Thank you to these kind people for bringing warmth to the competitive world of poker.


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