What are the three hands that should be folded preflop?

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What are the three hands that should be folded preflop?

What are the three hands that should be folded preflop? When you play tournaments or regular tables, there are a lot of very simple principles to follow. When you have AA, you have to play the hand very hard (at least 99% of the time, of course) or you’ll let the opponent in the hand sneak up on you and unload your bullet. Likewise, there are some hands like the infamous 72 and other bad hands that shouldn’t be touched even in extreme conditions. However, many poker players often play hands they shouldn’t be playing. Here are three bad choices related to it, and an explanation of why you shouldn’t fall into this trap in a game.

What are the three hands that should be folded preflop?

(suited or different)

At first glance JT looks like a very versatile hand. These are the only two cards that will give you the four nut straights (tops, kings, queens, and jacks). These potential straights are the nuts when JT has the potential to get a straight. Also, it allows someone to “float” a flop bet when the two cards are of the same suit and the as the two cards on the flop (specifically AK and AQ). But the problem arises when you have to game back.

If you get a flop with a jack, you have a weak kicker pair and someone is holding AJ or even KJ. Likewise, hitting a 10 won’t do you any good, because the jack kicker is hard to gain against AT or KT. There are three hands to rule you (AK, AQ, and KQ) if a flush draw that helps your JT comes up, plus you’ll have to dodge a card of the same color because of a possible fourth flush. A’s person.

In fact, you have to hit the board perfectly, and then hope that someone will play with you, ignoring the potential straight potential of your hand, while chasing some hands that might beat you. If your JT has nothing to do with the board, you have no way to continue the game, although you may on an ace-high flop, but you have to continue to throw chips into the pot with hope and prayer, not reliable reason. Remember, minimize risk and use these chips to bluff when you have better position or better hands.


mini pair

Everyone loves to chase a set with a mini pair – in this case, you’re searching for a low card among the five community cards – and when it does hit a set, you can make a fortune Pen. But the problem comes when you don’t hit the set that makes your future bright on the flop.

If your mini pair is lower than all three community cards, you must play with possibly the fourth best pair on the table (if someone hits the flop). If your mini pair is part of a potential straight draw, let’s say you have pocket fours on a 3-5-6 flop, if you hit a set on the turn or river, That board will also give someone a straight. Even if you hit a straight draw – 3-5-6 flop? If the turn comes a 7…then you might fall prey to someone with a bigger straight (98, 84) who insists on playing this shit just for fun.

If your opponent has a lot of action, either before or after you bet, mini pairs are not easy to deal with. Let’s say you have an open and a 3-bet ahead of you. You look down and see that there’s only a 33 between your fingers… and while you can see the flop with them, would you really call a 3-bet or even a 4-bet with such a weak hand? Likewise, if you raise, then hit a 3-bet, followed by a 4-bet, your mini-pair is quickly sunk. In this spot, I’ve folded 88, but often my folds are correct.

Note that we even run into someone who mines with a bigger mini pair. Can your mini pair be successful? Of course…but, like JT, it has to be in perfect conditions.


Very wide flush

If you have hands that are very spread — let’s say, K2, Q3, or something — and they’re out of suits, you don’t hesitate to toss them to the waste pile. So why are they suddenly a playable hand when they are the same color?

Some players get hooked on any two cards of the same color and play them as pocket aces from the start of the game. The thing is, if you’re a flush fan, you’re going to have to fight with junk. Let’s say you hit top pair and your kicker is terrible; in most spots, if you hit pair, it’s not enough to win the pot unless you hit trips or two pair.

What are the three hands that should be folded preflop?


Of course, there are certain situations where it may make sense to play with the above hands. When you’re in the big blind, you’re running into an unraised pot; if you’re in late position with no action up front… these are times when it might make sense to play with these hands (but even then, you’re Can’t get into the habit of playing these cards.). In these spots, make sure you’re the caller (raise), not responding to someone else’s action (call). That way, it might be possible to win with hands that shouldn’t actually be played.


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