What are the standing items for going to the WSOP offline tournament to play?

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What are the standing items for going to the WSOP offline tournament to play?

LAN 2022 is getting ready to set sail, and with travel time coming up for the event, and with COVID concerns abroad fading away, many of us are planning to play in the coming months. The World Series of in Las Vegas kicks off in May, and there are plenty of other tournament destination events for anyone willing to travel. With that in mind, here's the putting together a checklist of what you might need to pack and bring with you for your next event.

What are the standing items for going to the WSOP offline tournament to play?

The following list was developed after interviews with dozens of other WSOP poker players. Of course, players' specific needs may vary, so don't hesitate to add or remove items as you see fit.

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Phone: You'll definitely want your phone to be used for communication while playing poker, to record interesting hands, keep track of people you meet, and to search the web, access music, listen to podcasts, and play games.

Power Cord/Charger/Power Bank: If you play well, your will be very long. Many tournament tables lack docking ports to charge your phone. Plan to have enough backup power to keep your phone working.

Food: Most poker venues have snack bars, cafeterias, or restaurants, and some even have tableside food delivery options. However, they tend to be very expensive, may require you to queue, and are not always available. Plan to bring something easy to eat, whether it's chopped vegetables, beef jerky, cheese bars, energy bars, nuts, spicy bars, or anything else.

Hand Towels: They're lightweight, self-contained, and prove useful for cleaning you and your table area. It's also good to use them before grabbing some finger food after you've dealt with cards and scoreboards.

Tissue/Wet Wipes: You might sneeze, cough, or want to clean up quickly during a poker game. These items have proven to be invaluable to me and to many of the people I surveyed.

Glasses/Glasses Cleaner/Contact Lens Fluid: If you wear contact lenses, glasses or sunglasses at the poker table, you certainly want them with you. But you'll also want to make sure you bring what you need to keep them clean, since you usually don't have time to go back to your room to get a lens solution, lens cleaner, or your favorite glasses cleaning cloth.

Eye drops: Dry, air-conditioned air and indoor allergens such as dust, mold, and even pollen can cause sore and itchy eyes. Over-the-counter eye drops, such as Murine or its generic equivalent, can provide much appreciated relief during prolonged gaming sessions.

Hats: Many people wear hats at the poker table to cover their eyes, keep their heads warm, or just to match the cool image they're trying to create. Be sure to bring it to the table, and be sure to take it with you when you leave.

Jacket/Sweater: It can be terribly hot outside, but the air conditioner can turn the poker room into a refrigerator. A light jacket can really help keep you comfortable when the temperature at the poker table is too low.

Cash: It may seem obvious that while electronic payments are convenient, they have to be left behind, right?

Water: Many big poker tournaments are in Las Vegas or other very dry environments, which means it's easy to get dehydrated. You can get water from a waiter or from vendors around you, but you sometimes find these sources inconvenient during tournaments. Bring at least a few bottles of water to the table so you can rehydrate yourself regularly. It's also a lot cheaper to buy water outside the casino.

Painkillers: A long poker game can be a pain, literally. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, and even leg and arm pain can all be annoying distractions while you're playing poker. Bring some aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or other pain relievers, just in case.

Cooling Oils/Air Essences: I don't use these things, but many other poker players I surveyed recommend them to help with concentration, memory, and focus during the game.

Gum/Candy/Cough Drops: In the dry environment of a poker room, your mouth will become dry. These can help keep your throat and mouth lubricated.

Lip Balm: Add this ultra-lightweight product to your arsenal and can really help protect your lips from dry indoor air.

Backup Medicine: Tournaments can be played late into the night and into the next morning. You want to have all your medicines on hand in case your race takes longer than you should.

Headphones/Earplugs: Many runners rely on music to keep themselves in the right state of mind.

Card Press: This isn't just to keep your hand from being taken away by an inattentive , it also helps those of us who need to fiddle when we're thinking or bored.

Friends and Family: This is not important for small tournaments, but it can be essential if you're playing a big event, especially if you're working your way to the final table. You won't actually bring people to the table, but at least a few people can virtually check the game records of the players at your table (especially if you're deep enough) if you need to get the ones you forgot to bring things, you can also find them in person.

I recommend that you bring a small backpack or backpack to carry all of these items (except money – which players should keep on their body for safety). While some participating WSOP players may not need everything on the list, having these items on hand will allow you to better focus on your competitive poker game.

What are the standing items for going to the WSOP offline tournament to play?

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