The only female champion of the WSOP 2021 series is won by a Spanish player

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The only female champion of the WSOP 2021 series is won by a Spanish player

The only female champion of the 2021 series The 2021 is drawing to a close. At present, 86 of the 88 WSOP bracelet events have been played, including the just-concluded #83, #85, and #86. Spanish female professional brand took off the gold bracelet at #83, becoming the only woman to win the Open at this World Championship.

Leo Margets

#83: 1,500 The Closer

The only female champion of the WSOP 2021 series is won by a Spanish player

Spanish professional brand Leo Margets won her first gold bracelet. She beat 1,903 entrants in Event #83: 1,500 The Closer for a first prize of 376,850. And as a result, she became one of only two women in the series to win a bracelet so far.

The event generated a total prize pool of 2,540,505 and attracted the likes of Chris Moorman, Michael Wang, Yuval Bronshtein, Mitchell Halverson, Joao Simao and 2013 Main Event winner Ryan Riess, who all entered Reward circle.

Now, Leo Margets joins Lara Eisenberg (Event #22 WSOP Women's Champion) as the only women's bracelet winner in the series. The difference is that Leo Margets won the championship in the open event, which is even more significant.

“Usually it's harder for a woman to win a WSOP bracelet because we're very few (in ),” Margets told reporters, adding that she believes her WSOP bracelet win “could inspire women to take an interest in the game of Texas Hold'em.” “.

Speaking of the underrepresentation of women in Texas Hold'em tournaments, Leo Margets said: “I hope one day it won't be a problem, it shouldn't be a problem.”

Finally, Leo Margets added a few words of encouragement for anyone who wants to play the game: “If you like it, keep going, whether you're a man, a woman, or a monkey.”


Championship recap

Level 37: 400,000-800,000, 800,000


Leo Margets flat calls from the small blind; Alex Kulev raises to 2.4 million; Margets calls.

Flop 9♠5♦3♠

Alex Kulev bet 4.1 million; Leo Margets moved all-in for 20.4 million; Alex Kulev called.

Alex Kulev: A♥9♦

Leo Margets: Q♠5♠

Alex Kulev has top pair and Leo Margets has middle pair and flush draws.

5♣ on the turn

Leo Margets improved from pair to set and overtook his opponent.

River 10♥

A dead card, and Leo Margets won the hand and doubled his stack. With just 1.8 million chips left, Alex Kulev was called all-in in the next hand and lost.


final table results

The only female title in the WSOP 2021 series is won by a Spanish player



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