PokerGo launches NFT Justice Sotomayor is a big poker fan?

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PokerGo launches NFT Justice Sotomayor is a big poker fan?

's launch of NFTs, helping to celebrate a new Chicago room, and a Supreme Court justice who will get you drunk and take your winnings are just some of the latest poker world tidbits.

Grand Opening in Chicago Area

Congratulations to the staff at the Poker Room at Rivers Des Plaines on a successful grand opening this past weekend. Located near Chicago's O'Hare Airport, players arrived early Saturday to check out, including WSOP superstar Phil Hellmuth and NHL royalty Denis Savard.


The two Poker Hall of Famers were on hand to celebrate the opening of the 22-table, 5,600-square-foot poker room. This includes Greg's Room, a private VIP area named after Rivers Casino founder and CEO Greg Carlin (above).

The new poker room is part of a 78,000-square-foot expansion that is nearing completion.


Justice loves to play poker

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor reiterated her love of poker in a conversation with University of Washington students last week.

“In the past few years, I started playing poker,” she said. “I've read about it. I've watched the on TV. I've watched better players than me and I've learned a little bit.”

She told the students that she was the perfect poker host, serving food and “all the drinks they wanted.”

She has hosted games since at least 2006, according to a New Yorker magazine profile published in 2010. “Kyle Wong, a former clerk, recalls. ‘We went over and she had scotch and all this wine and beer. We sat down at eight, then she took out the cards and we played poker until two in the morning'.”

PokerGo launches NFT Justice Sotomayor is a big poker fan?

She then took the clerk home in a taxi and, in my impression, drank all the scotch floats they had left and counted her money.


founder honored at IGA Awards

Last night, the iGaming Awards took place at the Savoy Hotel in London. Sponsored by the magazine iGaming Post, IGAs presented PokerStars founder with its Outstanding Achievement Award.

Scheinberg, 75, and his son Mark founded PokerStars in 2001 and became billionaires. They sold it to Amaya Gaming in 2014 for $4.9 billion.

Scheinberg pleaded guilty in 2020 to charges brought by the Justice Department related to Black Friday, and PokerStars is now owned by Flutter.


Cooperation between PokerGo and

PokerGo and Stadium NFTs will mint every possible non-lucrative token starting poker in May. That means there are 1,326 opportunities for people to buy this form of digital art.

They are joining the WSOP and Phil Ivey's craze, enabling fans and investors to own a unique piece of art.

Buyers will receive an NFT of a random pair of cards. The stronger and more beautiful a hand is, the more valuable it is and the more likely it will remain.

The cooperation between the two companies is a natural thing. Sam Simmons, consulting chief strategy officer at NFT Stadium, is the former CEO of PokerGo.

Mint and sale dates are coming up. Details will be posted via NFT Stadium's Twitter.


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