Poker Girl Samantha Abernathy Tips for Improving Hold’em

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Poker Girl Samantha Abernathy Tips for Improving Hold'em

is a tough contender at the table, having amassed countless ITMs in live poker to date, her biggest result being the 2016 Aussie Millions Main Event Third place and $437,543 in prize money. Not only that, but she is also a photographer and illustrator with over 115K followers on Instagram.

Poker Girl Samantha Abernathy Tips for Improving Hold'em

Abernathy gave event teams some advice on how to improve players' games on the field.

Set realistic poker goals

It's important to recognize what you want out of and set realistic, albeit ambitious, goals. The most common mistake players make is to focus too much on setting a goal to win a certain amount of money, only to play poorly in an exaggerated pursuit.

It's best to avoid bonus goals and focus on things you can control, like how many hours a week you study, how many hours you take poker lessons, how many hours you play, and how you organize your .

These are called SMART goals – controllable, attainable and time-bound. By knowing what you want to achieve, you'll know where to focus your efforts.

Poker Girl Samantha Abernathy Tips for Improving Hold'em

ready to play

Everyone has played when they are tired or angry. This mindset may have had a negative impact on your bank funds.

Preparing to play your A-level games as often as possible will improve your level of consistency, which in turn will improve your ability to stay focused during the game. It's also a good idea to have a pre-poker routine that includes exercise or meditation, along with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water.


spiritual improvement

Peace of mind, good reasoning and problem-solving skills will help you overcome the stress of poker. Sitting at the table with the right spirit can be an important key to attitude and overcoming some tough problems.

Psychological exploration is a very personal journey that everyone should take the time to undertake and get to know each other better.

think that the opinions of others are fair

When playing poker, we are inevitably exposed to the opinions of other people who sometimes criticize our game.

Having said all that, you should certainly listen to those who have more experience and who can help you, keep your ego outside the poker discussion, and try to accommodate your opinions and criticisms, which can improve your self-esteem, thereby increasing your self-esteem. Improve your performance at the poker table.

Poker Girl Samantha Abernathy Tips for Improving Hold'em

keep a positive attitude

Negative attitudes produce negative results. For example, anger and depression can increase heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline, and muscle tension. It may take several hours for the body to recover. All of these make your training harder, so staying positive and believing in yourself will only make you play better.


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