Poker genius Fedor Holz loses $1.5 million a year

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Poker genius Fedor Holz loses $1.5 million a year

genius , the / brand ambassador, recently revealed that he lost $1.5 million playing online in 2021. had expected 2021 to be his return to form, but last year turned out to be the worst year of his career.

Poker genius Fedor Holz loses $1.5 million a year

Holz claims that he sold half of his poker shares, so that's not as scary as it sounds, since only $700,000 is his own money.

Holz also noted that despite his heavy losses, he only lost about 40 buy-ins, which is quite a small swing for a tournament player.

Additionally, Holz said he will only play 500 online tournaments in 2021. That's a small sample compared to the 5,000 online tournaments he played in 2016. In 2020, he made $2 million playing online tournaments with an average buy-in of $3,500.

Poker genius Fedor Holz loses $1.5 million a year

He is currently playing against the toughest opponents, with a smaller win rate but a much higher buy-in, which is reflected in his poor results. Holz is sure he's just on the downswing, and soon he'll turn things around.

Holz smiled as he reflected on his 2021 performance, suggesting he's trying to mentally adjust to his poor performance. Holz thinks he can conquer opponents, it's just that the last few hundred games have been unlucky, which is why he continues to register games, he has to add more games. Holz's losses show how difficult it is to compete against the best players in the world and stay profitable.

As the most successful tournament poker player to date, Holz regularly broadcasts matches for his fans. If you want to watch a master play in real-time with your hole cards visible, he's the person you're looking for.


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