Inventory of the Internet giant’s attitude towards Texas Hold’em, he can spend billions of dollars

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Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

Inventory of Internet bigwigs' attitude towards Texas Hold'em The event team has compiled reports. I don't know if anyone has found that many Internet bigwigs are very obsessed with Texas Hold'em, such as Kaifu Lee, Liu Chuanzhi, Chen Yizhou and so on. There's even a joke like, “If a founder can't hit Texas, they won't get financing.” Today, Brother Value will take stock of the attitudes of these Internet giants towards Texas Hold'em.

1. The most obsessed boss of German – Kai-Fu Lee

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

As for who is most obsessed with Texas Hold'em in the Internet and the venture capital circle, Brother Value believes that if Mr. Kai-Fu Lee claims to be second, no one dares to rank first. Whether it is participating in the poker with many post-90s founders in the entrepreneur competition, or paying attention to artificial intelligence and human poker competitions. Kai-Fu Lee, founder of Innovation Workshop, has always been obsessed with Poker.

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars
Even on Zhihu, teacher Kaifu gave a very in-depth reply to the question “What skills, experience or principles do you have in Texas Hold'em?”, saying, “As long as you avoid the four weaknesses of human nature, and then use statistics, you can make it clear. most people”.

2. The Internet tycoon who can win the most money playing poker – Jack Ma

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

In a Texas Hold'em match against Liu Chuanzhi, Jack Ma is said to have won more than 80,000 yuan from Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo. This is a big victory in the game between the known bigwigs. “Ma Yun told me that the real Texas Hold'em masters don't look at the cards, they only look at the eyes of their opponents. My dear, I was fooled. I lost more than 80,000 yuan that night.

Only later did I understand what Ma Yun meant, and to understand the personality characteristics of each individual playing poker, so that I could easily understand the psychological activities of the other party. “In this way, Jack Ma can be regarded as the most profitable Internet tycoon playing poker.

3. Liu Chuanzhi, the most daring boss in German Poker

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

As mentioned above, Liu Chuanzhi can be regarded as the most daring boss when he plays German poker. “I lost more than 80,000 yuan”, the speed of losing money in poker is the most generous.

4. The big guy who knows the best strategy in German Poker——Chen Yizhou

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

According to Chen Yizhou, CEO of Renren Company, in his letter to the company, “Love to Renren”, engaging in the Internet is like playing Texas Hold'em: if you meet someone who pretends to have a good card and gamble at the end, kill him; People richer than you are all-in; yes, hold on. In this game, guts, luck, skill, and chips are the main factors to win. He can be regarded as the Internet tycoon who understands the strategy the most.

5. The most disdainful poker player – Lei Jun

Inventory of the Internet giant's attitude towards Texas Hold'em, he can spend billions of dollars

Lei Jun is known as an “IT model worker”. In many interviews, he said that he has no time to go skiing, play Texas Hold'em and other games like other people. He is the chairman, investor or founder of more than a dozen companies. It seems that he is the Internet tycoon who most disdains to play Poker.

Well-known companies interview to play Texas Hold'em
Texas Hold'em originated in the town of Lobos, Texas, in the early 20th century, and was invented by locals to kill time. It is a player-versus-player public card game that is equivalent to Chinese Mahjong in the United States.

The gameplay of poker is very simple. There are at least 2 people and a maximum of 22 people on a table. Generally, 2-10 people participate. There are 52 cards in total and no trump cards. Each player is divided into two cards as “hole cards”, and five community cards are successively dealt by the dealer.

The player's final hand is made up of the five community cards and the best five cards of their hole cards.

After all betting rounds, if the winner still cannot be determined, the game will enter the “showdown” stage, that is, the remaining players will show their hole cards to compete, and the player with the higher card wins.

Texas Hold'em Rules

It should be noted that the five community cards are not seen by the players at the same time. After the respective hole cards are dealt, the “blind” is entered, the purpose is to ensure that the “pot” (the prize for each hand) has at least a number.

Five cards will be seen three times in the betting circle. Players have at least three opportunities to choose to continue or give up. The first round is the flop, which occurs after three community cards are dealt at the same time. Next is the “turn”, which takes place after the fourth community card has been dealt. The betting circle after all five cards have come up is called the “River”. How to choose these three circles is the essence and wisdom of Texas.

Texas Hold'em Rules

The size of Texas poker cards is shown in the figure:
Texas Hold'em Rules

Poker, also known as “table golf”, is not only a skillful competitive game, but also a social tool. Many company executives are fascinated by the risk control and money management exercises embodied in Texas Hold'em.

When a well-known domestic company interviews executives, it even asks the interviewee to play Texas Hold'em. Through playing cards, understand the interviewee's strategy, thinking and brand.

Poker is a simulation game for venture capital
Texas Hold'em is played a lot like venture capital, and it is for this reason that the venture capital community is so fascinated.

Blind betting is like angel investing. At this time, you can only see the cards in your hand and know the general direction, but the products and models are still invisible. The decision at this time is a test of investors' vision.

The flop is like an early stage investment. There are variables but there are also prototypes. At this time, the product can wait, and the entrepreneur must clarify the business model.

After the five community cards have been opened, is it time to fight for luck? Not quite. Those who have traveled a hundred miles are half and ninety, and many people have given up at this time. In the end, in addition to the cards in your hand, there are psychological and opponents.

Victory is all about psychology and opponents. Some players are conservative when they get good cards, fearing that the cooked duck will fly; some players have a bad hand, but they can use their acting skills to have the last laugh and turn things around.

Therefore, the elites in the poker circle, although playing poker, are actually exercising their minds and rehearsing the battlefield. Poker and venture capital have many things in common.


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