Interview with the WSOP’s Strongest Hunter

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Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

An exclusive interview with the strongest hunter in the event can also create a day for non-professional players. The WSOP High Roller Tournament, which ended a few days ago, once again opened a surprise treasure box! The Chinese player from Asia won 592,522 prizes from the third-place sutem.

I am honored to have the opportunity to visit this Chinese player, Chu Fei, to share my own experience, even if not a professional player, the key to achieving good results when participating in the Mystery Bounty Hunter event!

Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

Even non-professional players can build a world
I am engaged in real estate work. I first came into contact with Texas Hold'em when an executive of the company liked it very much. I also slowly began to like the Texas Hold'em game. I have been playing Texas Hold'em for 8 years now.

I met Sir Qiu in 2017. He used to be an executive of a real estate company. Everyone has the same interests and hobbies.

Sir Qiu – Podcast Bar Host
Sir Qiu has been playing for almost 11 years. The first contact was casual play, and he has participated in many large offline events. Now he is live on the podcast bar and often shares his Texas experience!

Choose your own event
Due to work reasons, I cannot often participate in offline competitions, so I can see the advantages of online competitions. You can participate at any time when you have time. There are many GG events, and there are many . There is always one that suits you. I will participate in some key events on Sunday night.

Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

For example, in the , I usually participate in day 1 at normal time, and then play day 2 on Sunday night, so that it will not affect normal work and life. Of course, such a palace-level game as the WSOP is not to be missed.

Exciting and good gaming experience
It is really good luck to get the third place in the WSOP#17: $2100 Tournament. The most impressive thing is that the head hunter opens the treasure chest. This kind of competition method is very good and adds a better sense of experience to the game. Every time I hunt a head, I am full of expectations to open the treasure chest. I am very grateful to the GG platform for providing such a good opportunity.

In the end, I opened more than 80,000 knives. I always thought that this was a gimmick. I didn't expect that I could win. GG's way of launching this mysterious treasure box is very exciting.

#17 Tournament Bounty Leaderboard

Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter
A word for Chinese friends
There will always be a game that belongs to you. Stick to your own reasonable style of play. Before you get this result, you will often get a dozen or so results. In fact, it is just one key race, and you have been making unremitting efforts. , will always wait until the game that belongs to you.


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Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

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Interview with the WSOP's Strongest Hunter

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