High Stakes Poker Season 9 Bryn Kenney makes an interesting bluff

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High Stakes Poker Season 9 Bryn Kenney makes an interesting bluff

Season 9 made an interesting induced on ,

The most successful player in Texas Hold'em live tournament history returns to the most popular HSL regular table event on TV?

You could say it was a success. After appearing in Season 8, Bryn Kenney made his debut in Episode 7 of Season 9 of High Stakes , which aired earlier on . Kenney creates some really interesting situations in this episode. Today we take a look at one of them, which takes place in the last hand of the episode.

High Stakes Poker Season 9 Bryn Kenney makes an interesting bluff

Bryn Kenney vs Garrett Adelstein: A Hot Showdown on the HSP

As always, the game level is 200/400 with optional straddle. However, compared to other levels, the minimum entry required for this table has risen to 250,000. The game wasn't easy, as we saw , Tom Dwan, Daniel , Garrett Adelstein and Bryn Kenney all competing for the first time, with a cast consisting of Jean-Robert Bellande, Jennifer Tilly and Krish Menon.


This Texas Hold'em bluff-inducing bluff: Well done by Kenney

High Stakes Poker Season 9 Bryn Kenney makes an interesting bluff

Bellande raised from middle position to 2,500 with 3♥3♣ and had about 77K in his backhand. Bryn Kenney had 292K and called from the cutoff with Q♥4♥. join

Also playing was Jennifer Tilly (A♣8♠) in the small blind and Garrett Adelstein (5♣6♣) in the big blind.

The pot is already 11,000 and the flop is Q♣2♥5♦. The blinds checked, JRB bet 6000, Kenney and Adelstein called, and Tilly folded.

The turn was the 4♠ for a pot of 29,000. Adelstein checked, JRB called and Bryn Kenney just called, even though he had just hit two pair.

The river is a 10♠. Adelstein took the initiative to play 4W. JRB threw his hand and Kenney quickly called for a handsome pot of 109,000.

“Did you check that turn? What the hell were you thinking?” JRB asked in surprise.

“So he's in ambush,” Negreanu replied.

In fact, Kenney's move is very effective because it induces Adelstein to bluff, and we assume that if Kenney bet the turn, Adelstein would hardly make such an attempt.


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