Chinese player wins WSOP Golden Ring Spring Tour Giants Championship

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Chinese player wins WSOP Golden Ring Spring Tour Giants Championship

Congratulations! Chinese players win the ! The golden key of the original event opens the hunter’s journey!

In the just-concluded WSOP #6:365 Giants, the number of participants reached 4,550, and the reward pool came to 1,561,105.

The winner of the championship is the Chinese player Luoat, who is also the first player to win the . After a long challenge, I came out on top, congratulations to the Chinese Army for adding a gold medal.

The champion player Luoat said: “Looking back at the day 2, when I entered the competition, I fell from Chipleader to sixth, and then I dropped to around 20BB and slowly came back. The FT was also very thrilling and the minimum fell to 5BB. In addition to good luck, patience and calmness are also very important to win the championship. .”

Wonderful review of winning the championship singles 666

Chinese player wins WSOP Golden Ring Spring Tour Giants Championship

Before the flop, Hong Kong player Luoat raised 2.20BB from the small blind with 6s6d, and his opponent called with 10c7d.

The board opened 6h10d9c, the opponent hit a pair and a single-card straight chance to check first, Luoat hit a set and raised to 3.06BB, the opponent All-in, Luoat took over.

The last two board cards dropped 2d2c, and Luoat was very lucky to complete the full house and win the #6 Giants.


Congratulations to the Golden Ring Champion for enjoying six privileges

1. Invited to participate in the WSOP Championship Tournament

2. Get tickets for the Golden Bracelet Event of “Million Dollar Wealth Creation Competition”

3. Exclusive Platinum Lounge at Bally’s Hotel during WSOP

4. Caesars Group VIP Diamond Membership

5. Invited to be a member of the GG champion team (only for the champion of the main game)

6. Special badge for the champion of the Golden Ring


WSOP First Mystery Bounty Tournament

The WSOP’s first-ever, brand-new Mystery Bounty Tournament brings two different events on April 10th and April 17th. Currently #11:210 Mystery Bounty Contest is running multiple Day1 every day

What a difference the new Mystery Bounty Tournament is!

Players can earn mystery bounties by beating their opponents in the final stages of the tournament. When you defeat your opponent, you will receive a golden key that unlocks random rewards, which means that the players defeated by the challenger can win great prizes!

Even if you don’t make it to the end, you can still take away great rewards! Come and become a powerful hunter.

Chinese player wins WSOP Golden Ring Spring Tour Giants Championship


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