Cheating scandal-ridden Ali Imsirovic still wins ARIA High Roller

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Cheating scandal-ridden Ali Imsirovic still wins ARIA High Roller

Cheating scandal-ridden Ali still wins ARIA High Roller , Team Reports, ARIA's 10,000 Buy-in No Limit Hold'em High Roller event came to an end on April 20, attracting a total of 44 players For this event, the total prize pool is 440,000. The top 7 players split the reward, and the jackpot of 149,600 was won by Ali Imsirovic, who has recently been plagued by cheating scandals. It seems that the external controversy did not affect him at all, and he still won the ARIA High Roller Championship.

It's already the 27-year-old pro's fifth title and 17th final table of 2022, with a combined prize pool of more than $3 million. He's currently at the top of the Card Player and Tour charts, and as things stand, Ali Imsirovic is very likely to claim the top two titles again after 2021.

Cheating scandal-ridden Ali Imsirovic still wins ARIA High Roller


Final Table Highlights

The bubble burst when WPT champion and WSOP bracelet champion Dylan Linde lost pocket sevens to ' pocket jacks. Meanwhile, 's K10 collided with 's pocket aces in 7th place for 17,600.

The first down at the final table was Jesse Lonis, whose pocket kings were engulfed by 's pocket aces. Jesse Lonis finished 6th for 26,400. This is his eighth final table appearance in 2022, and he is now in the top 100 in the POY standings.

Sean Winter, who knocked out Jesse Lonis, didn't last long either. In the next hand, his pocket threes met Justin Saliba's pocket jacks, and he was eliminated in fifth place for 35,200. Sean Winte just recently won the US Open Series, and with 11 final tables, two titles and 1,890,300 in prize money, Winter is now No. 7 on both the POY and PGT leaderboards.

After the last few eliminations, Justin Saliba found himself seeing that familiar scene again. He was ahead of Jamil Wakil's KJ with pocket sevens, but the turn K turned things upside down. The river didn't save Justin Saliba and he finished 4th for 48,400 .

After Craig Mason moved all-in on the K♠J 10♠ flop with 9 8 , he was called by Ali Imsirovic's K♣9♣. The 5♣ on the turn and 9♣ on the river didn't help Craig Mason, who left in third for 66,000.

And just like that, the heads-up match began. Jamil Wakil initially had 2,320,000 in chips and Ali Imsirovic had 2,080,000. But it didn't take long for Ali Imsirovic to make a comeback, extending his advantage to over 16-1 before the final hand.

Cheating scandal-ridden Ali Imsirovic still wins ARIA High Roller

On the final hand, short-stacked Jamil Wakil all-in with 10 6♣ and Ali Imsirovic called with 7 7♣. The flop came K 4♠4 9♠3 . Jamil Wakil finished second for 96,800.



ranking player nation award
1 Ali Imsirovic Bosnia and Herzegovina 149,600
2 Jamil Wakil Canada 96,800
3 Craig Mason U.S. 66,000
4 Justin Saliba U.S. 48,400
5 Sean Winter U.S. 35,200
6 Jesse Lonis U.S. 26,400
7 Andrew Lichtenberger U.S. 17,600



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