Bryn Kenney denies poker cheating allegations

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Bryn Kenney denies poker cheating allegations

Denies Cheating Allegations Bryn Kenney, who is accused of running a cult-style poker cheating scheme, gave an exclusive interview to reporter Sarah Herring on Tuesday afternoon and denied most of the allegations against him.

Herring, a Texas Hold’em industry veteran and co-host of the PokerNews podcast, has openly admitted to being a friend of Kenney’s from the start, despite criticism from some on social media about the interviewer’s relationship with the interviewee. Her aim is to be “transparent and honest” with her audience, as she wrote online.

Bryn Kenney denies poker cheating allegations

Kenney initially declined to be interviewed, but contacted Herring and offered to do an interview with her, preferring to do a live interview.


Kenney denies the allegations

During the 70-minute talk, the leader of the poker all-time money list accused Doug Polk of going against him and belittled Martin Zamani’s credibility.

Zamani recently made some tough allegations against Kenney on Polk’s podcast, alleging that Kenney ran a stable of online poker stalls who were complicit in using RTA to cheat.

“Through our conversations, Zamani is a guy who’s never really been happy in his life,” Kenney told Herring.

This was the subject of his comments on Zamani, who he admitted was part of his online poker in the past. As with Zamani on Polk’s podcast, Kenney didn’t bring proof of his case. He simply denied the allegations and gave his own account.

One (many) main allegation made by Zamani was that Kenney could view their screens while they were playing online poker.

“It’s absolutely insane, it’s one of the craziest things I’ve heard in my life,” Kenney said in response to the accusation.

Many of Kenney’s responses to Herring’s questions are a bit dodgy and often digress in situations that are not relevant to the question. Much of what he said had no substance and was not really related to the allegations at hand.

Herring directly asked him one of the most important questions – have you ever played poker with players online?

“I mean, you know, I’ve been in poker for 17 years. Have I ever been in the same room as someone giving them advice or coaching?” he said, before admitting he couldn’t deny that sometimes from online poker Competing players walked by, but steadfastly denied the allegations.

Kenney said he never received a financial benefit from any aid. He also denies using Real Time Assistance (RTA) tools or providing them to his pups while gaming online, another striking claim made by Zsmani.


Kenney discusses Lauren Roberts’ relationship

Zamani’s Polk podcast features Kenney’s former friend, amateur poker player Lauren Roberts, as the focus of an interview. He claimed that Kenney played numerous times under Roberts’ online poker account. He denied it when Herring asked him outright.

However, Kenney did admit that he considered Roberts “one of my best friends” in the past. However, Roberts lashed out at Kenney on Twitter last week, making it clear that any form of friendship is over.

Bryn Kenney denies poker cheating allegations

Lauren Roberts

“I hate to talk about other people, but something has changed in our relationship,” Kenney said.

He went on to suggest that Roberts might be upset that he started traveling without her, but with his girlfriend. Kenney also accused her of misleading him about her wealth and poker abilities when they first met.

But Zamani’s biggest allegation is that he and others in the were ordered by Kenney to enter the game while Roberts was playing and team up to snatch her money. As expected, Kenney also denied the claim.

“I don’t get it, (on) one hand she can say I’m playing with her account, but on the other hand I’ve got people going after her because she’s a weak player,” Kenney said.

Then, when it comes to Roberts, he talks about individuals. “I think she has a misunderstanding of her poker skills. Because her (poker) career has been so unsuccessful, I think she’s trying to figure out the reasons for her failures rather than her own skills and the money she has in the bank. The game being played is incomprehensible.


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