5 Minefields You Should Avoid When Holding Aces In Texas Hold’em

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5 Minefields You Should Avoid When Holding AA in Texas Hold’em

You should avoid these five minefields when the of Texas Hold’em is ! The WSOP event team has integrated teaching and finally got the long-awaited AA, which is the strongest starting hand in WSOP Texas Hold’em, regardless of preflop Against any hand, AA has the advantage. Traditional table theory advocates that once we have the upper hand, we should put as much money into the pot as possible, and from a mathematical point of view, building a pot with aces preflop would never be considered It’s a wrong play.

However, having the strongest starting hand on the surface does not mean that you will definitely win a big pot, and what’s more, sometimes you can’t even win a small pot.

To maximize the value of AA, we not only need to know which are the best strategies, we also need to know where the minefield of playing AA is. When we know how to avoid the costly mistakes that many people often make when taking AA, we Only have the opportunity to play the maximum value with AA.

This article from the WSOP team is about five minefields that you must try to avoid when you get AA.

If you can avoid it safely, you will be able to squeeze the most value out of your opponents when you get AA in the future.


Minefield 1: Preflop slow play (especially if only one person raises) In

the opening scene of “The King of Gamblers”, Teddy KGB wins Mike McDermot with AA. It’s really cool, but that’s a movie, in a real game , with AA preflop, the best way to deal with the hand in most cases must be to play fast.

5 Minefields You Should Avoid When Holding Aces In Texas Hold'em

With AA, the best way to deal with it is generally to make the pot big early, which means you open if no one opens, 3-bet if someone opens, and 4-bet if someone 3- bets .

5 Minefields You Should Avoid When Holding Aces In Texas Hold'em

As a result, the pots you win with aces will, on average, be larger on average.


In addition to the subject, in the following situations, you can consider playing AA slowly

With a stack size of 100bb, when your opponent chooses a 4-bet , it is better to use AA to slow play.

In a 4-bet pot, it is generally easy to get all-in postflop because of the low stack-to-pot ratio.

But having said that, if your opponent is a tight guy and you think he’ll only reraise with super strong hands, it’s better to get all the money in the pot preflop.

In addition to this situation, if you call into the post-flop stack and the pot ratio will also be low, you can also slow play, such as:

■ When you 3-bet in short yards (20-50bb)

■ When you encounter an opening raise from your opponent in a super short stack (under 20bb)


Minefield #2: Raise more preflop

Raising your raise when you have a strong hand is a common mistake I see in both online and offline .

While the goal with AA is to play a large pot, when raising with this hand, it should still be the same amount as the other hands in the . With the same amount of raises, it will be difficult for your opponent to guess your range.

For example, in a $2/5 game, you start raising to $15 all night, then you take AA, and suddenly it goes up to $25, and the obvious opponent will smell the danger and see you. Raise the size, and he’ll surely get alert and either pass up the hands he’d like to call with, or switch to them with the hands he’d intended to reraise.


Minefield #3: Blindly all-in after the flop in a multi -player

pot The way AA is handled in a multi-player pot is different.

The more people there are in the pot, the more complicated the situation is because:

■ AA’s equity is much lower against two or more opponents than against one opponent

■ The more people in the pot, the higher the chance of AA being overtaken on the flop

■ The pot is half as big on the flop alone, so it can easily become an oversized pot

For these reasons, it’s best to be prepared to fold when you find your opponents throwing money into the pot very happily in multi-way pots, especially on Thriller boards.

After all, your relative hand strength is much weaker in these situations.


Minefield #4: Playing too passively postflop This

issue is similar to #1.

After a strong hand on the flop (which is usually the case with AA), in most cases we should try to play as fast as we can to make the pot bigger.

Make the pot bigger by betting. If you check the card, the power will be handed over to the opponent. He may bet, but he may not bet. Generally speaking, the number of times the opponent bets actively is more than he calls after you bet. You do it a lot less often.

Another benefit of betting is that your opponent’s reaction will reveal information about the strength of his hand, such as when your opponent calls, you know he should be a middle (unless he’s floating), but if you check, your opponent also follows. hand, you won’t know much about the strength of your opponent’s hand in this situation.

One thing to declare is that the initiative here means that in a heads-up pot, if it is a , it is more appropriate to play passively on the flop, and then play value on the turn or river depending on the situation. .


Minefield #5: Overvalued AA on Thriller Boards If the

flop is low to medium, they are generally more favorable to the preflop caller’s range, and we should play passively with the entire range. This range includes AA.

Let’s say you open from UTG with A A , the big blind calls, and a flop of 6♣5♣4 comes up against a set, two pair, or even a straight in your opponent’s range. There will be more hands like this because you raise from UTG preflop, your range is more of a few overcards or big pocket pairs and medium pocket pairs, and your opponent as a preflop caller, his range is more Contains a lot of hands like 44, 87o or 65.

Because of the advantage that your opponent has more nuts in his range (commonly known as the nut hand advantage), he can take the opportunity to put pressure on you, so should you still c-bet ?

In this situation, it’s better to check with your AA and then wait for the opportunity to catch bluffs on the back two streets. After all, on this board, a pair of this kind of hand is not strong enough to play three streets. value, so choosing to check doesn’t sacrifice much value.

Why it makes sense to check the flop with AA, because no matter what the turn card is, AA will always be top pair, so we always have a chance to call a bet on the turn (or after the opponent checks and make another bet ourselves Note). But if you have a pocket pair like 1010, you have a lot more chance of being blocked on the turn.

5 Minefields You Should Avoid When Holding Aces In Texas Hold'em


Although AA is the strongest starting hand, it is just a pair in the end. Although I can’t help being a little excited when I get this hand, if I encounter two pairs or more, its card The price of power drops immediately, so in addition to avoiding the minefield when playing this hand, it is even wise to choose to discard AA in some situations, such as:

0110,000 , or WSOP purchased ,The first hand in the tournament

A $10,000 buy-in is a lot of money for many people. If you take AA in the first hand of the game, but there are 3 or more people all in at the table, if this happens Drop AA and no one will say you’re a tight end. If there are two opponents, AA’s winning rate is 64. %,若是对手的数量变成5个人,AA的胜率就是跌倒了50% . It’s fine to call in this situation with AA, but it would be too risky since it’s the first hand of the tournament. After folding, you may have a question in your mind “what if I call, what will happen”, especially if you look at the board and AA can actually hold, you can’t let this question go. However, AA does have a chance to be overtaken, plus you just spent $10,000 to sit at the table, if AA does not hold (the probability of happening is as high as 50%), then the price of this call is too expensive !


02When the bonus difference is very large

This may be questioned and considered undesirable, but if at some point in the game, in an all-in pot, dropping AA means there is a chance to get a higher ranking and win More bonuses, it is understandable to discard AA at such a time.

For example, in the main event of the WSOP, there are the last three players left, you are the chip leader, and the gap between you and your opponent is so large that even if the short stack is eliminated, you will have more chips than another player at the beginning of the heads-up, plus once you enter the heads-up , if the bonus for the second place is 2 million dollars more than the runner-up, one of the two short stacks goes all-in and you get AA. At this time, in order to enter the heads-up, you should get at least 2 million more bonuses. is wrong?

In most cases, choosing to fold AA preflop is a problematic play, but there are exceptions to everything. In some specific situations, such as the one mentioned above, folding AA is a bit conservative, but it is true The question of gold and silver, if you care more about money than face, you can “get an extra” two million yuan if you give up AA, why not do it?


03 Bubble Period

The purpose of playing satellite games is to get tickets for high buy-in events. The goal of participating in such competitions is to get rewards rather than championships. In this type of competition, the more people participating, the larger the reward circle, and the tickets sent out. The more, generally speaking, satellite games rarely provide other additional rewards other than tickets, so our goal of playing these types of games is definitely not to win the .

Therefore, when we are in the money bubble period, if our opponent is all-in, we can discard AA in this situation and try to survive the game longer than short yards. There is no need to be one step away from success. If you risk losing your life, this kind of risk can be left to the short code. We just have to sit back and enjoy the achievements. If you are a large size, then there is no need to go to the short code at this time.


04 Dangerous Flop

As mentioned above, AA is only a pair, and I will be delighted when I get it. After using it to enter the game, the opponent will not leave no matter how much you play, and your hand strength has not improved. At this time, we start with the confidence of AA betting or raising. become increasingly inadequate. In fact, when the opponent can’t move, your AA is likely to be behind. If the ace is on the board, your hand strength will naturally increase, but in the kind of flop where the flop is both a connector and a flush, the AA is dangerous.

When encountering a dangerous card, if the stack size is quite healthy, and just encounters the opponent’s full-footed fire attack, it is understandable to discard AA at this time.

When we get AA, the longer we stay in the pot and the longer our opponent stays in the pot, the more dangerous our AA is, because it is impossible for our opponent to throw money into the pot for no reason. on. Even if we get AA, we shouldn’t be fooled by its appearance and lack judgment, or we should make decisions based on the range as we do with other hands, so that we don’t blindly make the wrong choice.

The tells you that sometimes it is necessary and necessary to drop AA in a game.


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